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A blip or the beginning of the end for Apple?

Most companies would be absolutely delighted with a net profit of $9.5 billion in a single quarter, however most analysts have cottoned onto the fact that although these figures are phenomenal they also represent the first dip in profits numbers by Apple in over a decade. With many people jumping on Apple’s back, making noises predominantly relating to the lack of innovation in the iPhone 5, it certainly has got many asking the question, is this the end of an era for Apple?

A specialist at law firm LLP, Vanessa Barnett actually came to the defence of the technology giant. Vanessa said that is was only “fashionable” to speak about the fall of Apple, with the company still well placed to maintain its position at the top of jungle of trees they’ve climbed. She believes that although Android (Google) have eaten into their mobile marketplace quite considerably over the past few years, Apple still have some of the world’s brightest talent and the resources to innovate.

As a consumer myself and one that is involved in technology as a career choice, I do have to say that Google have impressed me more with their innovative ideas, in particular Google Glass and the changes being made to their mobile software. Samsung themselves who rival Apple in many areas but particularly mobile manufacturer, have eclipsed Apple with new features and technologies whilst there is no escaping the fact that Apple pretty much only added 0.5 inches to their last device and labelled it the iPhone 5.

I’m a massive Apple fan, so I hope they can see through the media storm that is quick to analyse and highlight any negatives, but they must start innovating again with the aim of improving people’s lives. Google Glass is a revolution, where is Apple’s attempt? In my opinion, the decreased profits are a blip but it could become the end.

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