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Alcatel-Lucent Employees Protest Companies Plans To Cut 10,000 Jobs

Alcatel-Lucent have been a company in decline since 2006 according to Michel Combes, CEO of the ailing business. That was the last time the company made any money, prompting the company to announce that they will be cutting 10,000 jobs in an effort to reduce costs by €1 billion. This has sparked protests by company employees who are now facing a similar fate to those that BlackBerry employees faced during September 2013, just 1 month previous.

The protests caused a stir in the French capital on Tuesday October 22nd as 1,000 of the companies employees wore black bin bags with crosses on during their march to the Eiffel Tower and then on to the Alcatel-Lucent headquarters.

The company itself is the second in as many months to post troubling losses, as another pioneer on the mobile phone industry, BlackBerry, announced a fire sale in an effort to remain in existence. Both have been reported to have made catastrophic decisions over the past few years, deciding against including technologies that most consumers in 2013 see as a necessity. This has caused profits to dry up and all but disappear. The ultimate fate of the business could mean Michel Combes fears come true and Alcatel-Lucent disappear altogether. A sad ending to a story of once such a pioneering company in an industry many of us grew up with.