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Change in the Portuguese telecoms market

On Monday, 21st of Jan, the boards of both Optimus (mobile operator) and Zon Multimedia gave the go-ahead for a merger of the two companies, with the aim of creating one of the largest multimedia business in Portugal. Current projections estimate that immediately, the company will become the second largest mobile telephone network in the market.

The resultant company will be a merger of the two businesses names, called Zon Optimus. It is fully expected that with the specialisms of both businesses, mobile entertainment will be a number one priority in attracting more customers to the network. Zon Multimedia currently offer paid TV, which could easily become intertwined with Optimus’s offerings, making it possible to stream or download based on your existing TV subscription package right to your mobile devices.

In a joint statement, the companies laid out their vision, and also explained some of the thinking behind the move. They highlighted that “the sharing of experience and expertise between the teams will play a decisive role”, immediately signalling sharing the competencies and resources of both businesses. For shareholders and stakeholders this is also of course good news, as the companies stated that “the merger will result in a group capable of investing and promoting its own and the sector’s competitiveness, of creating greater shareholder value and new opportunities for employees, clients and suppliers”.

This change is expected to be a large one if the Portuguese market, and one we’re not quite sure how it will impact on consumers. The signs are looking good, with more options being made available, but as far as pricing goes, this is yet to be determined.