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EE Launch World’s Fastest 4G

Speaking at the Huawei Global Mobile Broadband Forum in London, CEO of EE Olaf Swantee announced the launch of the company’s LTE-A signal, (theoretically) capable of 300Mbps download speeds. The launch has only so far been limited to Tech City in London, with the aim of rolling the service out commercially in mid-2014 when LTE-A devices are readily available for consumers.

These numbers eclipses the 40Mbps download speeds of current 4G technology, of which 1 million people currently use provided by EE themselves. The adoption rate of 4G in the UK is expected to climb rapidly in the coming months as other leading networks such as Vodafone and Three launch theirs. However, EE are aiming to remain ahead of demand, a decision seemingly driven by the advantage purchasing a years head-start in the 4G market has earned them.

Giving an insight into the knowledge EE have been able to extract from their plethora of data, Mr Swantee said “Our analysts predict that data usage will grow significantly over the next three years. In fact, our trend-mapping shows that data usage is set to rise by 750 per cent in that period, as consumers and companies conduct more of their business and lives on-line”. He was also able to disclose that since launching their high-speed service, EE have also seen upload speeds exceed download speeds particularly at live sporting events and a third of all traffic being attributed to video services such as streaming and video calls.

With the anticipated growth and clear demand for data-hungry services, LTE-Advanced could further change the way people live mobile lives. EE have already acknowledged that since using their service, over half use fewer or no public Wifi spots at all, demonstrating how powerful mobile services have become. This is a societal change that EE clearly want to spearhead.

Article by Darren Kingman and Image Source