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European roaming charges fall

Just in time for the summer holidays, European roaming charges have fallen dramatically, capping them at something resembling a reasonable cost. Roaming charges are what networks charge you for when you are outside of your networks home country. So say for instance your network is O2 in the UK and you travel to Germany, you would have been charged these roaming costs if you had made or received a phone cal, sent a text message or tried to access any mobile data. The costs of doing so were previously uncapped, with some networks across Europe charging £1.70 per minute to make a cross boarder phone call.

The new cap, which was put into place on July 1st sees prices for all European roaming charges set to a much smaller £0.20p per minute. Data has also tumbled from a high of £0.70 per MB to £0.38p or €0.45 if you speak in Euros. These prices are exclusive of VAT.

As we recently mentioned in our blog, Neelie Kroes is the lady behind the cut in roaming charges – intent on creating a cheaper and easier method of European communications. Neelie had this to say upon the success of the recent cap – “This is good for both consumers and companies, because it takes fear out of the market, and it grows the market.”

It also appears that neither Neelie or the EU will stop their cuts there. There are still plans for a single European telecoms market, which would scrap roaming charges altogether. Plans had previously been for this to be implemented in 2015, however it seems that it could be possible by 2014 instead.

Hopefully this will put an end to the unfair and unjustified phone bills that had snuck up on holidaying individuals who’d never have thought watching an episode of Doctor Who on their mobile abroad would cost so much.