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Jump Ship If Your Network Raises The Price

The UK for the past few years has been rife with the argument surrounding rising electricity prices and the cost of living going up. This has even been the main bone of contention that the Labour party use as their angle to ensure the Conservative party don’t come out smelling of roses from any Parliamentary debate. However, rising electricity prices aren’t the only rising cost that is going up year upon year, there’s also the telecoms industry to take into account.

This was the subject of a recent policy change pushed forward by Maria Miller, Culture Secretary. Under the new policy telecoms company will be obligated to inform customers at the start of a contract if the price will increase during their agreed period. Customers will also be able to cancel a contract half the way through if the prices are becoming too much, without fear of incurring a penalty. Ms Miller said:

“This agreement with the telecoms companies will deliver real benefits to consumers and help ensure people are not hit with shock bills.”

As part of the agreement between the Government and various telecoms giants, including BT, Sky, EE, Three and others also states that data roaming charges will be abolished by 2016. This will allow customers to use mobile data without the fear of £8 per MB charges.

The hope for consumers will be that these changes and the freedom being afforded to customers will reduce the likelihood of mid-contract price hikes – as customers will almost certainly jump ship as long as the process is made simple to follow through on.

Article By Darren Kingman

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