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New Industry Awards

Every industry has to have an “awards” of a sort and now the telecoms industry has the awards. There are 16 categories overall, with the winners being announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The shortlist will be drawn up in January with contenders for each award being suggested from within the industry itself. From there, a panel of judges will decide upon each of the winners for categories including Mobile Pricing Innovation, Connecting the Unconnected and Best Operator.

The awards are of course worldwide, and there are a few networks and people we’ve spoken about throughout the year that we’d certainly like to see put up for contention. In particular, we recently spoke about a Mexican village that launched their own network in order to become connected with the world – there’s a contender right there for Connecting the Unconnected, even if it was themselves. We’d also like to see Neelie Kroes nominated for Person of the Year for fighting against the roaming charges within Europe, almost single handedly.

Hopefully the awards aren’t restricted to the work of only the largest telecoms companies in the world, with the smaller companies/groups being put on an equal playing field.