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Post-Brexit roaming charges blow to Business Travellers


From The Independent

The looming return of roaming charges after Brexit will cost business people visiting the EU up to £778 a month, new research shows.

The fees for using international data within the EU – axed under a Brussels agreement last June – are set to be brought back after Theresa May announced the UK would leave the “digital single market”.

Ms May revealed the exit from the digital single market in last month’s Mansion House speech, in which she said Britain had to face up to “hard facts” about Brexit, including reduced single market access.

“On digital, the UK will not be part of the EU’s digital single market, which will continue to develop after our withdrawal from the EU,” she said.

“This is a fast evolving, innovative sector, in which the UK is a world leader. So, it will be particularly important to have domestic flexibility, to ensure the regulatory environment can always respond nimbly and ambitiously to new developments.”

It is unclear whether fees will return as early as Brexit day next March, or at the end of the planned 21-month transition period – given the UK will effectively remain within the single market in the interim.

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