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Bright future for “Chilecon Valley” and Chilean Telecoms

In the past month Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera has made several references to the growing power of young entrepreneurs in the country, even naming April 29th their National Entrepreneurship Day. With all of the potential growth and increasing international interest in investment opportunities there, many have started calling it “Chilecon Valley” named after the corporate area of California called Silicon Valley.

One of the things the country has done is to launch a program offering international entrepreneur’s $40,000 and a 1 year VISA to fly to Chile and start their businesses from there. The number of application has far outweighed the 100 spots that were made available, showing a glimpse into the countries opportunities and thinking.

With the rise of telecoms businesses and technology around the world, many see this as the perfect platform to grow digital businesses and make use of the growing Chilean telecoms sector. 4G and cheaper calls will mean more people are using their phones, opening a world of possibilities. Jamie Soto, President of the Chilean Association of Information Technology Companies commented that “The development of telecommunication in our country may bring multiple benefits, since it would include sectors that historically have been left behind in employment”. He also thought that “These announcements should encourage entrepreneurs to fully enter into the commercial world and, similarly daring, to use technology as a tool for growth”.

Start-Up Chile is on the rise and so is their telecoms sector.

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Article produced by Darren Kingman