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Telecoms most optimistic market for job growth in UK

These are the findings of the annual Barclays Job Creation Survey (2013) that have discovered that out of all the markets in the UK currently, the telecoms sector is the most optimistic. 64% of companies within the marketspace responded that they expect to create full-time positions within the next year, up from 51% the year before.

There are also plans for even more job creation, in the form of part-time or temporary work, with 69% of companies saying they intend to hire in these capacities as well. This figure is also up from last year, increasing by 6%. The positions companies are expecting to recruit for are made up predominantly of skilled worker roles or those within middle-management. 25% of jobs are planned to be created for entry-level positions, offering some optimism for graduates hoping to get into the sector.

The Barclays Survey was overall a huge change on previous years, showing that most sectors and companies believe they are now in a better position to not only recruit but hold on to the employees they already have. Out of all companies who took part in the survey 79% believed they wouldn’t be facing job losses. In spite of the noises currently coming out of the British media, maybe things are a bit rosier than first thought.