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UK telecoms complaints up 20 fold in 10 years

Figures released by the Ombudsmen service in the UK has shown that the number of complaints in the 2012 – 2013 financial year are now 20 times higher than they were just 10 years ago. The numbers have shown that 10 years ago, complaints about telecoms providers totalled 500 for the year. In the year just gone however, that number is now over 10,000 – a massive increase in the amount of people unhappy with the level of service they’re getting.

It’s believed that at least a third of the complaints (approx 3,500) were targeted towards the customer service element of the providers rather than the service or product itself. This number alone is 7 times higher than the total number of complaints 10 years ago, showing that the companies and decisions they’re making have over the years gone against customer satisfaction.

Member of the Ombudsmen service Sarah Daniel commented that it’s the vast array of products that consumers now have that increase their exposure to services possible to complain about. She said  “consumers have multiple devices for use on the move, such as smartphones, tablets and dongles, as well as traditional landlines and broadband services”, whereas “In the early days complaints were about landlines and dial up”.

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