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Vodafone Sale of Verizon Approved

We’d previously written about the pending sale of Vodafone’s 45% share in Verizon estimated at approximately £80 billion or $130 billion, and just a few days ago that sale was approved by the US regulators, the FCC.

The Federal Communications Commission have now rubber stamped the deal, prompting Vodafone shareholders to make decisions about how they’d like to move forward with their Verizon holdings. Simply because it makes up such a large part of a Vodafone shareholders portfolio, they are being requested to fill out a “Dealing Form” to notify Vodafone how they should proceed on their behalf. Vodafone acknowledge that this is more than slightly confusing, prompting them to create a useful guide.

The deal will be amongst the biggest in history, with Vodafone set to have £27.6 billion left over to “play” with. This is important news for those looking to remain Vodafone shareholders, as the company will continue to pay the dividends they have been accustomed to. A large portion (£6 billion) of the sale will also go towards improving their current service, including erecting more masts around Europe. This will be great news for already existing Vodafone customers and possibly to those coming to the end of their contracts.

Article By Darren Kingman and Image Source