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Our Worldwide Network Subscribers Index is Now Available

Behind the scenes at DialToSave we’ve been working on a Worldwide Network Subscribers interactive for the past 2 months, and it is finally live!

You may have seen the link to it from our homepage but just to explain a bit about it – it’s unlike any other list of mobile phone subscribers you’ve seen anywhere. Our list includes data detailing the exact number of subscribers from over 600 networks in the world. We’ve also sourced the names of the primary holding companies behind them and the countries they originate from. With this we’ve been able to show you exactly how much of the world subscribes to a network from each particular country.

As you’ll notice when looking through the interactive, the UK is the number one country in terms of international subscribers, who account for 94% of the UK’s subscribers in total. China by contrast have the largest number of subscribers in the world but 98% are based locally.

You’ll also see that the map starts to mirror colonial rule, with the UK having large network affinities in India, Australia and large parts of Africa. Spain also has a large affinity within the South-American countries, all visible through the number of subscribers they have there.

We really hope you enjoy the data and we’re always interested to hear what people think and what they find, so please do share your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook.

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